Boston: Beacon Hill, Food & Harvard

Our stroll around Boston Harbour, Beacon Hill and Harvard which includes some highly recommended food stops along the way! 


Thursday in Boston was the day of Bruce at TD Garden (yay!). We got up and went to Primark quickly (where customer service is non existent) before heading towards the waterfront for the Harbour Walk. We started down by the Intercontinental Hotel and hugged the harbour up along to the Aquarium. We were surprised with how quiet it was, we expected at least a few more tourists out walking around, but no. As we made our way up to the Aquarium we decided to call an end to our Harbour Walk as there was very little going on (I’m sure the summer is busier with boat tours etc.). We went back to Faneuil Hall Market for some lunch before planning out the rest of our day. We decided to head towards Beacon Hill and made our way through the streets lined with stunning stone houses and tall trees. We took our time strolling and looking at the little shops along the way before finishing out tour in the Hill Tavern, where we had a few drinks. There was nothing amazing about here but it did the trick. After that we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for Bruce.

We left the hotel about 4 to have some food close to TD Garden, and we are so happy we did. We went to the Boston Beer Works on Canal Street- a lovely micro brewery that served amazing food and even better cocktails. I got a Pear Margarita which was hands down the best Margarita I ever had (photo below) before getting a flight of beer with 4 selections, the nicest of which was the blueberry beer and Sean got a Bully Boy and Berkshire Mountain Whiskey. We ordered a meat and cheese board along with a large portion of Nachos (there was no size suitable for two people!). Everything about here was amazing and just what we needed before heading across the road to see Bruce. This was my first time to see Bruce live and he was great! He was playing for almost 3.5 hours and was looking as great as ever! When we left the gig we heard about a snow warning in place from 1am and that all schools in Boston had been closed the following day. Yay for snow!


We woke up on Friday morning to the news channels reporting a snow storm. I was more excited about this than Sean was. Over breakfast we decided to check out the Assembly Row outlet a short distance outside of Boston – as we made our way to the Orange Line we realised we would be waiting quite a while so changed our plan and headed to Harvard. As we emerged from the subway at Harvard Square my happiness at the snow was shortlived when my stupid shoes were destroyed (never bring 4euro Penneys shoes because they are easy to pack!). I’m not too sure where we walked to as I couldn’t see much apart from footprints and snow, so we stopped and decided to head for the Natural History Museum. I don’t think we have ever been in a museum for so long, as I was totally drenched from the pretty looking snow, I was in no mood to go back outside. After a while we decided we needed lunch and headed towards Mr. Bartleys a burgers place that claims to have the best burgers in the US – and they are not wrong! It took a while to look through the impressive list of burgers before I chose the Viagra burger (tehehehe) with some chilli fries to start. The burger was unbelievably cooked and we overheard a waiter telling tourists only Bartley Family members are allowed to cook the meat. We will be going back here next time we return to Boston.


We decided to check out Assembly Row, even though we didn’t plan on buying anything due to the low exchange rate. We arrived by train to Assembly Row to find it covered completely in snow and looking very pretty! We went into the sports shops before heading for a hot chocolate and then back into Boston. We stopped into JP Licks where I asked for an iced Vietnamese coffee (and was told it cannot be served iced – so that was a no go). As we walked back to the train station we had a little snow ball fight as I wasn’t cold enough. On getting back into the city we got out at Downtown Crossing and walked back to our hotel through the Common (photos below).  That night we couldn’t face walking through the snow again so we went to MJ O’Connors beside our hotel where we settled in for some food and got nicely drunk. I got the chowder and was surprised with how good it was, while Sean got the beer battered goujons which were super tasty!




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