India – Udaipur

After our visit to Jaipur, we had a 7 hour drive to Udaipur for our last 2 days of our tour. The drive was interesting, we got to see some very different places along the way. Our driver did decide to take a nap on hour 5 of the drive, which annoyed me and had me worried for the final two hours!  Sean was a little sick in Udaipur so we did a small tour in the city before heading on to Mumbai.

Chunda Palace

Our hotel looked beautiful – the rooms are unbelievable and the view of the lake from the rooftop restaurant is just stunning! The food here was nice, nothing amazing and the pool was okay. Sean was a little sick while we were here, so we both got a bit of cabin fever in this hotel so were happy to leave it!




City Palace, Udaipur

We got to visit and walk through the palace which is beautiful! (The current King still lives in part of the palace). There are a number of different areas to visit, along with a rooftop garden on the highest part of the palace, that was build around a tree on the hilltop. We also visited the classic car collection here, which was more interesting than I was expecting, the collection included the 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom from the movie Octopussy.


View from the City Palace, Udaipur


Design of the City Palace


City Palace, Udaipur

Jagdish Temple

This temple was built in 1651 in the centre of Udaipur and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The carving and design of the temple is stunning with such unbelievable detail in every part.




Saheliyon ki Bari

We visited these beautiful gardens in Udaipur, which have a number of lovely fountains along with numerous statues. We only had a quick trip here, but its worth a visit!





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