Atlanta and Birmingham

Atlanta was the first stop on our 10 day road trip across the southern states of the US.  We flew Delta direct to Atlanta and settled in with some prosecco and the nicest air-plane food I’ve had before (risotto, Caesar salad and lily O’Brien’s). After 8 hours and three prosecco’s we arrived in Atlanta Airport and headed to collect our luggage and rental car.


Drury Inn, Atlanta Airport

We only had one night in Atlanta so we stayed at the Drury Inn by the airport. With our booking we got three free drinks each and some snacks for a happy hour that evening where we got our first introduction to southern hospitality. The staff and guests here were lovely and very welcoming (and the bed was surprisingly comfortable!).

We didn’t have any time to explore Atlanta but would love to head back one day and explore!

Mary Mac’s

This was highly recommended by a couple of people and with only a 10 minute wait we took our seats in the huge 400 seater house. I went for the fried chicken which was delicious (I can see why it was highly recommended!). Once we finished up and paid we grabbed a cab back to our hotel for our early morning start to Nashville via Birmingham.



Jackson Street Bridge

Once we checked out of the hotel, we headed to the Jackson Street Bridge for a photo of the iconic skyline. It was a tad misty so I didn’t get the full image but was happy to take this quick stop.



Civil Rights Museum, Birmingham

We passed by the Talladega Speedway on our way to Birmingham, Alabama where we were visiting the Civil Rights Museum.

The museum was very interesting to learn about the fight for civil rights in the Southern US states. One of the most heartbreaking pieces of information here was the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church where 4 young girls were killed. Studying the South through school and college  gave an understanding of the history here but visiting these sites really show its historical significance.





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