India – Mumbai

We left Udaipur to fly to the Seychelles for the last part of our honeymoon. En-route we decided to stop off in Mumbai for 24 hours – and now wish we had much more time here!

Our Private Driver India Tour company organised a tour for us in Mumbai for a couple of hours and it was one of the best memories of India. We cannot wait to go back and visit Mumbai again. Its a stunning mix of traditional India with British influences (the train station, library, courthouse etc.). I wish we had some more time to really spend here, as it was the first place we felt you could walk through the streets without being harassed and could just enjoy what the city had to offer!


We spent a couple of hours walking through the very narrow and dirty streets of the slum (from Slumdog Millionaire). I had heard about it alot, and was a little hesitant to visit here but I’m very glad we did. It was exactly what I was expecting but at the same time was different, it really opened my eyes to the extreme poverty and the work that takes place here.



Dhobi Ghat

One of the first places we visited in Mumbai was this massive outdoor laundry. This wasn’t something I was expecting to see, but it was unbelievable! Hundreds of different little launderettes outside in a group. Photo below explains it better than I could!



Leopold Cafe

We stopped off for lunch in this cafe which was targeted in the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the bullet holes in the wall remain uncovered. The food (both main course and dessert) was lovely, and its in a very central location for visiting the Gateway of India.

Marine Drive

We got to see Marine Drive, which looked beautiful – open road with stunning architecture on one side and beaches on the other. It’s extremely sad thinking of the Mumbai attacks that took place along this beach.


Siddhivinayak Temple

This was our first stop in Mumbai, where we got to go into the temple – it was very busy but our guide mentioned that weekends are very crowded and you can’t move in the place. We were in and out in a couple of minutes and seems to be one of the most popular temples in Mumbai.

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Temple

For a time, this was the home of Gandhi, and where he was kept under house arrest. We got to walk through the house and learn about his life and work. It was interesting to read so much about him and see the small room where he lived (below).






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