Germany 2016

Another year and another trip to Germany! We landed early on the Saturday morning and left early on the Wednesday, in the short space of time we got quite a lot done!

Things To Do:

  • Baden Baden:  After 17 years, I finally made it to Baden Baden. The beautiful town close to the French border. As we started to walk down Lange Strasse (the pedestrian street) it started to rain, so we took shelter in Le Bistro for some lunch. It was a lovely place to sit and watch the thunder storm for an hour before we continued on our stroll through the town. Our next stop was to the remains of the old Roman Baths, it was cheap to get in, ~ €3 per person, and it was nice to see the ruins and get an idea of how they worked. We didn’t get the opportunity to visit the working baths, but it’s top of the list for next year!
  • Offenbach, Swimming Pool: When we arrived in Landau, the weather was amazing so we took the girls and went to the swimming pool which Louise and I used to go to. There is a slide here, that is small enough, but is great fun! We spent the afternoon chilled out in the pool. Unfortunately, there is no where here to buy a beach ball, but there are football pitches, volleyball nets, playground and kids pools with their own slide. For those who are more serious about their swimming there is a larger pool with a number of diving boards. Its a great place to chill out for a day, but pack for it!
  • Holiday Park: We spent our afternoon in the Holiday Park, which was fun for the girls but it was super expensive (2 adults and 2 children was €120). The queue’s were crazy (45 minutes per ride) and you could only get bottled water at €3 a pop. The temperatures were in the high 20’s, so I don’t want to know how much we spent on water! We went on the Taxi rollercoaster, the tubes through the water and the log ride (Louise and I always went on this one, and it was everyone’s favourite this time around!). Sean and Lucy went on the swings, and after that we called it a day as we were all burnt and roasting! Its worth a visit, but better to go in the winter than the middle of summer as we learnt!
  • Rietburg: I was 10 when I first went to Germany to see my sister and we got the cable car up the mountain to Rietburg. The view was amazing so Sean and I decided to go this year. The villages around the mountain are lovely, and full of wineries so the drive there was really scenic! We got the cable car to the top of the mountain and loved the views over all the villages, which we got to admire over a few glasses of wine!
  • Teufelstisch: Meaning Devil’s Table, is a rock formation at the side of the mountain close to Pirmasens. There is a great playground beside here, with a large slide going down the side of the mountain (you can go really fast, I learnt the hard way!).

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