We checked out of our hotel in New Orleans at 6am, and away we set on our 10 hour drive across the state of Florida. The only time we stopped was for a cheeky Five Guys in Tallahassee and took in 5 states before we hit Savannah.

Planters Inn 

As we checked into our hotel on Reynolds square, we picked up some glasses of wine in the lobby for their small happy hour. The rooms were lovely and big with two single four poster beds. The hotel is apparently haunted so I didn’t get the best nights sleep here. 

Savannah Squares 

We did a self walking tour of Savannah and took in most of the little squares that make up the city. The houses surrounding the squares are stunning.


The Ordinary Pub

We booked in here for our Savannah dinner and I got the steak tacos which were nice but not super tasty. They had something deep fried and a little tasteless in them. Sean and Carmen got the goats cheese salad with chicken which was lovely, and wish I had gotten that! 

Artillery, Savannah


I found this place on Instagram and decided to stop in here when we arrived in Savannah.  The decor was beautiful and they had a fantastic cocktail menu. Unfortunately, the cocktails were very watery which took away from the flavors in them. We only stayed here for one as it was quite expensive and not really worth it.  

World of Beer

World of Beer 

Along the main shopping street in Savannah there were hundreds of types of beer here and I got the fruity tasting tray which was a bit too fruity for me.

Walk along River street

We got a beer and strolled along the Savannah riverfront. Lots of shops and a little market down on the water.




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