London for Work

I’m just back from four days in London, and am super happy to be home from my first trip of 2018! This was my third visit to London in about 7 months, so I have decided to start doing some touristy things in the evening.

Flesh & Buns


We had a team night out here on Tuesday with approx. 11 people so we went for the set menu. At the beginning it looked like there wasn’t enough food for all of us, but the food just kept coming. There was pork belly, teriyaki salmon, chicken wings, sushi and so much more! The food was amazing and was followed by some fantastic S’Mores that we got to make ourselves 🙂  Easily entertained!



On Thursday, I went to Bobo Social which was around the corner on Charlotte St. It’s a small little place and there were only two couples in the restaurant. I ordered a Margarita which wasn’t that nice, the fruit used wasn’t fresh and it ruined the taste. For food, I got the beef burger with peanut butter and maple cured bacon, which I would highly recommend! I also got a side of sweet potato fries with truffle salt that were possible the best I’ve had.


Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

We decided on Wednesday to do something different that night, so I booked us in for the free walking tour with Strawberry Tours. It started at 8pm at Tower Hill station and lasted two hours, finishing at Spitalfield Markets, the guide was great and gave very interesting and detailed information about Jack the Ripper – if anyone has some time to spare, I would recommend the tour.


This was my first time staying in Sanderson, and it was a stunning hotel, The bedroom was huge and the bed was unbelievably comfortable.  Aircon was a bit hit and miss – waking up at 3am one morning freezing cold and the following morning sweating. The room was quite and faced onto a courtyard so was thankfully away from the street.

The Edition

We popped in here for a drink after Flesh & Buns, and the hotel is amazing. The lobby is stunning, with the large open fireplace and balcony. We were waiting quite a while to order so ended up going to the bar ourselves. We got two cocktails (£16.50 each), which were nice but nothing amazing.  When we were finished the waitress still never came back to see if we wanted another drink, so we ended up leaving.

Until next time London!





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