Things to do Indoor

Having a baby in November, means by the time you’re ready to leave the house, the weather is pretty shit! Theres a couple of things to do indoors with a baby, but its not great – I’ll continue to update as I find more to do!

Dundrum Town CentreStephens Green Shopping CentreNational Gallery of Ireland
If you’re here on a weekday between 10 and 3, its more than likely because you’re on Mat Leave. You can join every other mother in South Dublin in doing some shopping or getting a coffee.Its a good location because there is changing facilities, good seating upstairs to feed a screaming baby, or a breastfeeding room if needed. When the weather improves you can also grab a coffee in Butlers and head out to the park.The national gallery is great to visit during the week as its a little quieter – there is a big cafe at the entrance that it meant to be quite baby friendly.


I found it quite hard to find classes to bring baby too, as most seem to be breastfeeding groups.

Clap HandiesClassical KidsMy Wellbeing
In a few locations around Dublin, you can sign up for a term and go every week from when baby is very small! During COVID, you can enroll into Zoom classesLimited locations around Dublin but looks to be a great way to get out and bring baby to see some music. Also doing some sessions in the NCHBaby Massage classes here from when baby is born until they are crawling. 5 week course is 120e and is on on Wednesday’s in Crumlin
Swim StarsPlay & Music
We will be starting here soon. As its in the Mespil Swimming Pool, its close by and a great chance to get baba swimmingLocated in a number of places around Dublin these are meant to be great baby sensory classes (attending next week!)


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