Our first main destination on our road trip was Nashville, and we were all very excited to visit here and check out some music! 


Edge Midtown Apartment

It was a bit of an ordeal getting into this building. You needed to arrive, call a number on the door, which apparently rings a cell phone (which no one answered), so we had to hang around outside until someone came in or out of the apartment. When we eventually got in, the apartment was lovely and spacious. One had a large, comfortable bed with the main bathroom beside it and the other was en-suite but with a smaller, less comfortable bed. There was no access to the little balcony over looking the pool which was a shame.

Things to do

Leipers Fork Distillery

We stopped outside Nashville to visit this distillery, located in quite a rural area. The houses along the route were beautiful, massive wooden homes with the American flag and rocking chairs on the porches. The distillery is quite rural and has only had 20,000 visitors. We didn’t take the tour but instead joined Pops for a tasting – he seemed impressed that 4 random Irish people joined him for a tasting. He told us about nosing whiskey and how to properly taste it, this was different than on any other tour I’ve taken before. He talked about the history of the distillery and his family while telling some Irish tales (you have to prove your Catholic in Ireland before you can get a Jameson). The whiskey was lovely, so we picked up a bottle as we were leaving.



Rock Bottom 

We were slightly taken aback by how mental Nashville was, so we grabbed a table outside and ordered some beers & burgers. The food was nice, I got the whiskey coated beef burger which lived up to its name.

Nashville at night

I was quite surprised by Nashville at night, it was extremely busy and full of drunken hen parties (everywhere!). I expected it to be quite laid back, and you could move easily from bar to bar listening to honky tonk music. Instead the streets were crowded and you could barely get into the bars – it was essentially a country music version of Vegas. We had a couple of drinks in AJ’s Good Time bar before visiting Cerveza Jack’s for a night cap.


Walk the streets

The next morning we decided to walk the street and get a sense of Nashville different than the night before. The main part of the city was surprisingly small, so we only ended up spending an hour walking through it. We started off along the river, where you get a great view of the Titan’s stadium. We visited the Goo Goo Cluster store (which I had never heard of before), got some ice cream in Candy Kitchen. As we left Nashville, we took a drive down Music Row. If we had another night in Nashville we would have properly checked out this area and gone to the Patterson House cocktail bar.






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