The Liberties

This was the first Saturday in a while where we had very little planned, so we decided to take a stroll into town and see where we would end up.

Dollard & Co. 

Taking the idea from Eatily in New York, Dollard & Co. recently opened its doors on the quays. We got in about 12:45pm and it was quite busy, but we managed to get seats at the counter surrounding the kitchen area. I ordered the Caesar salad which huge and amazing. We could see all the food being prepared right in front of us and it was all very fresh. The take away sandwiches and pizza slices also looked amazing – will be back!

Pearse Lyons Distillery

This is Dublin’s newest distillery which only opened its doors today. I had seen the photos of the distillery on Facebook and I wasn’t holding out much hope for it. We were pleasantly surprised when we started our tour – the tour guide, Bernard, took us through the history of the church and graveyard, which we could walk around a little bit. From there we went into the church/distillery and got to taste three of their whiskeys, which also were surprisingly nice. I would highly recommend a tour of the distillery as its very very different than every other whiskey distillery – it keeps its focus on the local area and the history of the liberties.

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