The Cocktail Tourist

I started this about 5 years ago to keep track of places I’ve been to and want to remember or pass on as recommendations. Five years later and a baby later this site will potentially go in a more baby orientated direction as I’ve found it hard to know whats baby friendly around me for days out. Given everything happening with Covid currently, businesses have had to change their operations so may have limited/no seating, one way systems etc. that can be challenging with a buggy, so I’ve started to keep note of places worth visiting! 

Things to do Indoor

Having a baby in November, means by the time you’re ready to leave the house, the weather is pretty shit! Theres a couple of things to do indoors with a baby, but its not great – I’ll continue to update as I find more to do! Dundrum Town Centre Stephens Green Shopping Centre National Gallery … Continue reading Things to do Indoor

Baby Friendly Eating!

Going out for food with a baba can be a little stressful – especially when there is a buggy to be pushed around! I’ve noticed that it can be quite difficult to navigate it through busy shops and cafes, so I’ve put together a little list of places that are welcoming and buggy friendly – … Continue reading Baby Friendly Eating!

Things to do Outdoors

When there is actually some bit of sunshine in Dublin, its great to get outside! There are a couple of options below and will be updated as I go along and figure it all out!


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