2017 in Cocktails

2017 is about to (finally!) be over – it was a very long and super busy year, and one I will be happy to see the back of. It was also a year spent drinking cocktails, which is always a plus!

Looking back at my photos from the last year – I have added some of my favourite cocktails below!

One of my many homemade cocktails this year ❤ Gin, Elder flower and Apple, topped with prosecco.



We took a trip to MVP on Clanbrassil St in December for some cocktails and to check out all the cute puppies in the bar. They have a small cocktail menu but its quite a nice spot.


During our trip to New York in June, we spent an afternoon drinking cocktails – the highlight of which was the smoked Old Fashioned below.


Yet another smoked Old Fashioned (not even my favourite cocktail), from the afternoon we spent at the Dublin Flee Market, the Teeling Tour and final Sunday lunch at the Bull and Castle (the roast dinner is unreal!).



One of my favourite places for cocktails in Dublin is The South William, where they have a large Espresso Martini menu – the one below is the Jaffa Cake Espresso Martini, which is amazing!


Back in November we spent a weekend in Leeds, which mostly involved visiting cocktail bars – and we had a fanatic bar in our hotel, which had an unbelievable cocktail menu.



Another of my favourite cocktails from Leeds was in Angelica’s bar – Absolute Vanilla, Strawberry Puree and topped with prosecco – deeelish!



Possibly the best Old Fashioned was from the Alchemist in Leeds which was smoked with maple syrup, and surprisingly wasn’t very sweet.



Back in August, we took a trip to Krakow with Sean’s parents and we visited an Absinthe bar, which was an interesting experience!


Recently we went to the Legal Eagle for a date night and got the Fig Old Fashioned – I wasn’t a fan of it at all, but Sean really liked it. The bar is lovely, and they had a large cocktail menu that I will be heading back to try!



And finally! We finished work on Friday for Christmas and decided to head to Fade Street Social for a couple of cocktails to celebrate. Sean got the Old Fashioned and I got a couple – the best being the Knee Trembler (vanilla vodka, strawberry puree, vanilla syrup and prosecco). The best way to kick off the Christmas break!



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