London – NFL

Our final trip before the baba’s arrival was to an NFL game in the new spurs stadium and two days in London before getting the train down to Brighton for two days!


The Megaro

We booked into The Megaro at Kings Cross for our two nights in London, we wanted a pretty central location and being close to Kings Cross made it perfect for getting from the airport, to the NFL game in Tottenham and then down to Brighton. I let the hotel know I was almost 8 months preggo, so we got a pretty big room right beside the lift. The room was lovely with a massive bathroom – but it really lacked the basics (no water, coffee etc.) and the room service menu was a bit poncy (steak and sea bass – I did ask for a sandwich and that just confused the staff, so I took a trip to M&S in Kings Cross). On our first night we spent a bit of time in the cocktail bar downstairs, the service was a little slow but the cocktails were apparently pretty good! We had a pretty early flight that morning so after my M&S sandwich I went straight to bed!

Lobby of the Megaro

Things To Do

NFL Game

We got out to Tottenham early enough to try watch the Japan vs. Scotland game, but everywhere was pretty rammed. We did find a little bar, Elbow Room, where we saw about 20 mins of the game before making our way up to the Spurs stadium with the idea to visit the NFL store before the game. The queue to get into the store was horrific, so we decided to skip that and head straight inside to see our seats, which were pretty impressive. For such a huge stadium, I was surprised that the seats were so good – seemed like there wouldn’t be a bad seat in the stadium. The stadium is also fully cashless which makes going to the bar super easy and quick!

Panthers vs Buccs

Carnaby Street

I’ve been to London a couple of times but this was my first time to visit Carnaby Street. It was very cute to walk around a pop into some of the little shops in the area. I love walking through random streets and getting to check out different areas when we are away and this was one of my favourite parts of London

Carnaby Street


Coal Drops Yard

We walked through Kings Cross to the Coal Drops Yard to get some lunch. It was a miserable day and being heavily pregnant we went into the first restaurant that had availability, which was Casa Pastor – the food here was lovely, and by all accounts so was the margaritas. Looking at the website of the Coal Drops Yards, there are plenty of food options but due to the rain we didn’t get to fully explore the area.


This was a restaurant close enough to our hotel that we found on the second night and it didn’t disappoint! Its a great tapas restaurant, and being pregnant I didn’t get to fully explore the menu. The food I did have though was fab, and I would highly recommend a visit!


Half Cup

I read about this little brunch place so decided to walk down to check it out on the Sunday morning before the NFL game, but the queue was down the street! We stopped into Wake Up Cafe (below) in the meantime. We decided to try again on the Monday morning, and ended up getting a table for a bit of breakfast. We both got the Apple Crumb Granola, which looked almost too pretty to eat and thankfully it tasted as good as it looked. They have quite a good menu and their food is very grammable!

Wake Up Cafe

This was a little cafe just beside Half Cup and was good for a quick bite to eat. I got the pancakes which were nice enough and Sean got a fry which actually looked pretty good! Its a good place for a quick bite to eat if you’re not looking for anywhere fancy.


We got lots of recommendations for Dishoom and happened to walk past one at lunch time that had a table for two. Sean was really impressed with it, me not so much – it was nice but wasn’t amazing! I ordered two chicken dishes, but I generally only eat chicken breast so am putting this down to why I wasn’t won over! The one thing I did love, was the Non Alcoholic Old Fashioned! They had a great selection of Non Alcoholic cocktails which went down a treat with me. We have since picked up the Dishoom cookbook and I am looking forward to giving a couple of the recipes a go!



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